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Khula Enterprise Finance Limited - Reliable loan options for your business

Khula Enterprise Limited established in 1996, and has become the leading lender progression of the SME industries; our company has been extremely active in the last 16 years in the private and public sector.

Financing of businesses in the SME industries is the company’s major speciality allowing us to contribute to the economy of South Africa.

Khula Enterprise Limited offers affordable repayment plans

We offer business loans to all varieties of businesses for all types of purposes. We offer the most suitable credit in today’s market and are well known for this.

Our quick cash loans boast is with maximum ease and low mark up with an affordable repayment plan.

Our finance solutions will give you peace of mind

When applying for credit applicants are looking for finance from prominent retail banks in South Africa being the likes of the Standard Bank, Nedbank and ABSA.

They have the prospect to apply for credit indemnity to receive contentment and inevitability perfect peace of mind.

Long-term financial solutions

Khula Enterprises has an excellent reputation and a long-term presence.  It makes no difference what business financing one is seeking direct financing is offered via in intermediaries with an exceptional reputation enduring presence in the South African Market.

Certain leading investors include new business finance, business partners and cape capital. Economical rates and the attractive terms and conditions are assured.

Khula Enterprise Finance Limited – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans

Benefits of Khula Enterprise Finance Limited

  • Credit Indemnity 
  • Direct Finance 
  • Joint Ventures 
  • Franchising Opportunities

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
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Khula Business - Are we able to give your business a boost

Do you have a business plan and would like to grow your company in South Africa. 

Worried about getting finance perhaps you don’t have valuable enough assets to place as collateral? Use our Khula business loans review to assist in finding out if we have a solution to your problem.

We facilitate business loans

Khula Finance Enterprise Ltd. was created and is run by the Department of Trade and Industry of the Government of South Africa.  We do not offer or manage business loans; our trade is to facilitate the business or personal loans provided by commercial banks to small, micro and medium enterprises. (SMME).

We do this by reimbursing the lenders for the losses which they suffer in the case of were business borrowers are unable to repay their debt.

Since the Khula business loans are practically backed by the government, they are among the most dependable and most easily accessible to the owners of small to medium-sized businesses just starting out.

We have stern requirements for partaking in the programme and for attaining the loans, but, if you have a well-established business plan and a solid foundation you should have no problem with funding.

The better your position is in 2018 the better your chances for lower interest rates, for example, if you would like finance on a new venture and you contribute 10% of the investment size, you will get the most satisfactory deal. You should absolutely exploit this opportunity.

More affordable than other business loans

Khula’s main online loan offerings are with Nedbank and Standard Bank. There are other accomplices, but their terms and conditions are slightly different with regard to fees and interest rates with that being said, you can rest in the fact that the loans remain affordable in association with traditional loans available to businesses.

We are able to assist with loans between R 10 000 and R 3million, the maximum amount is set by our programme itself. Generally, you are able to receive sufficient finance for the investing of various kinds of capital goods as well as for cash flow management purposes.

The finding of this review is that the Kula business loans are among the most beneficial for micro, small and medium businesses in South Africa, The requirements are of high standard, you will, however, receive the backup required for your company to enable growth. You can also apply by completing an online loan application or contacting us directly for more information. 

Fund overview

The Khula SME Fund was recognised for its early-stage of expansion capital SMEs

Purpose of the fund

  • Deliver early-stage debt funding to in succeeding SMEs (majority-owned by South Africans)
  • Influence SMEs in rustic and peri-urban areas in South Africa
  • Encourages black economic enablement
  • Expands access to investment
  • Generate new employment
  • Inspire significant economic partaking of black South Africans
  • Substitute’s entrepreneurship for both men and women in the SME sector.

Applicant criteria

  • South African SMEs preferably black seeking to start and grow their own businesses and who hold the majority.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2018

My transport business has grown exponentially in the past year and it’s all thanks to Khula Enterprise who helped me get finance when I really needed it.

Sonia N
— Johannesburg —

November 2018

Khula makes accessing funds for your business a lot more easier.

Angele B
— Pretoria —

February 2019

Because of Khula Enterprise Finance, I was able to turn my dream of becoming a business owner into a reality. Thank you!

Veronica M
— Durban —

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  • PO Box 11011, Zwartkop, 0051, South Africa

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